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In this article, we will focus on the process to clean our liver naturally.

Before we step into the actual process, let’s be aware of why we need to clean our liver periodically. Below are some of the advantages of having a clean liver:

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Schezwan Sauce is a popular Indo-Chinese cuisine sauce prepared from red chillies and Szechuan Peppers which is typically used for Indo-Chinese cuisine or as dip. It has originated from the Szechuan Cuisine in Sichuan province in south-western China.

Schezwan Sauce

Preparation & Cooking Time: ~45 minutes
Serves: 360 ML

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Episode starts with Kady & Rahul's discussion. Kady was getting ready to leave for an interview & was waiting for Rahul's arrival to join her (as she's new to the Mumbai roads & it would be helpful if Rahul could her to the interview venue). Rahul arrives there & gets a bit semi-surprised/confused after hearing Kady's interest in seeking for job.Kady explains him that she alongwith Rajat & Daijaa are going to stay back in Mumbai till the custody case gets resolved & she would be free.

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Case starts from the ICU ward of a hospital where Mr. Suri is being hospitalized due to a Dengue attack. Dr. Bhandaare who was treating him got shocked by seeing the drastic improvement in his health. Upon asked by the nurse Ms. Jessi what made him so shocked; he went out unanswering her at the ICU door where Suri ji's family were eagerly waiting for his health improvement news. Dr. Bhandaare first started saying that the Surji ji's health situation was too bad earlier and there didnt seem to be any hope for his survival. However, upon insisted by Mr.

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At Kapoor Mansion

Episode starts with Ayesha getting Khush ready for school and having plans to accompany him. Upon setting Khush's hair, Ayesha gets stick to the mirror with her usual & favorite makeup stuffs. Khush keeps on complaining that he is getting delayed for the assembly at school and he conveys that he can go with the driver as he used to do till date.

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Yes, I am going to share my personal COVID-19 experience. Being a heath care professional, with the setting in of COVID-19 cases in the country, and more specifically in the state, hospitals including mine were gearing to deal with the challenge. With the initial gradual increase in the number of cases, life of healthcare professionals became quite hectic, almost instantly. We, at senior level, got busy formulating procedures, protocols with amendments every other day according to the government regulations, while constantly keeping in mind the safety of all concerned.